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NS-3500 user manual


Knowledge of this manual is required for the operation of the software NSWorks and NSViewer to control the confocal laser scanning microscope NS-3500, and to display, measure, process, and analyze the obtained data Please make yourself familiar with the contents of this manual and pay special attention for safe operation of the instrument The specifications are subject to change anytime; the manual is not covered by an update service

Bottom-up growth of fully transparent contact layers of indium tin oxide nanowir


Thin layers of indium tin oxide are widely used as transparent coatings and electrodes in solar energy cells1, flat-panel displays2,3, antireflection coatings4, radiation protection5 and lithium-ion battery materials6, because they have the characteristics of low resistivity, strong absorption at ultraviolet wavelengths, high transmission in the visible7, high reflectivity in the far-infrared and strong attenuation in the microwave region However, there is often a trade-off between electrical

Capacitance cytometry: Measuring biological cells one by one


Measuring the DNA content of eukaryotic cells is a fundamental task in biology and medicine We have observed a linear relationship between the DNA content of eukaryotic cells and the change in capacitance that is evoked by the passage of individual cells across a 1-kHz electric field This relationship is species-independent; consequently, we have developed a microfluidic technique— ‘‘capacitance cytometry’’—that can be used to quantify the DNA content of single eukaryotic cells and to analyz